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I have an issue with the recalculation of the route in navigation mode. I use LocusPro 3.30.4 on a Xperia Z3 Compact with android 6, LoMap offline maps and BRouter as navigation data source. Auto-recalculation is turned on (point priority, maximum allowed deviation 100 m).

If I leave a route, Locus triggers a recalculation as expected. However, the starting point of the new route is not my actual position, but the point where I left the original route. Also, I’d expect that the display turns automatically on, if a recalculation is triggered – that’s not the case. If I wait half a minute or so, a second recalculation is done – now with the correct starting point.

Another - for me confusing - thing is, that when leaving the route not my actual position is fixed in the middle of the map. Instead the card freezes and shows the position where I left the route. Is this done intentionally? I’d found it much more logical if the center of the map would show my actual position to make it easier to orient oneself.

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Auto recalculate Distance: 100m

- Settings > Navigation > "Out of route" notification > Enable > Alert distance: 75m.

- Settings > Navigation > Advanced settings > Strict route following: off > Maximum allowed deviation: 50m (1/2 or less of recalculate distance) > Snap to route: On OR off (what you prefer)


Out of track (75m) alert sound > = Screen On > IF continue further away from track: > = Recalculate (100m) action > Screen Off > To next turn (or out of route) alert sound > Screen On etc...

Example inclusive screen on/off sequences !


Hi 0709,

Thank you for providing your settings and the video. The main differences to my settings are, that you have activated “Out of route" notification and that “Maximum allowed deviation” is set to a much lower value. So I did some tests with these settings.

I enabled the “Out of route" notification and set it to a value below the “auto-recalculation distance”. The “Out of route" notification turns the display on. If the recalculation starts soon enough, i.e. the display is still on, I can see the recalculation. This seems to be a good workaround. The starting point of the recalculated route also is fine, although I have no clue why. However, from my point of view “recalculation” alone should also turn the display on.

My second issue has to do with “Maximum allowed deviation”. I reduced it to 50 m, and the problem I described is only visible during this 50 m, then “guidance” starts and I can see my position again. This is fine for me. Maybe it makes sense to explain this behavior a bit more in the locus manual. By the way, I think it would also make sense that the display is activated when guidance mode ends and navigation restarts – but that’s maybe something for the idea section.

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Good day GuRa, Willy (0709),

seems some problems are already solved thanks to Willy's help, thanks!

  1. Problem with recalculation: I'm sure that app use your GPS position as start position for recalculation anyway if you move out of common roads (roads that BRouter knowns), result may be that start location of new route is again on the previous path. Anyway screenshot before and after recalculation may help here. If you turn off GPS in Locus Map itself, you may try to simulate this behavior by moving with map center cross.
  2. Turn on screen after recalculation: agree, implemented
  3. Fix in map center is based on your "Maximum allowed deviation" value as you already probably found out. So probably solved.

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