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Runkeeper export doesn't respect "splits"

Auric Goldfinger shared this problem 9 years ago

During a cycling route, there are points where I stop (to drink, to take a picture, ... :) )

  • When I export the track to Runkeeper, the track is complete and my average speed is the speed including the non-moving time.
  • When I export the track as a gpx file (TRK, not RTE) and upload it manually to Runkeeper, the track is split on the paces where I stopped and only the movement time is taken into account. Thus, my average speed is the speed I actually moved (which is remarkably higher depending on how long I stop)

I'd like to see the Runkeeper export behave the same way as the manual upload, so that the "splits" are visible and the average speed is the one I actually moved.

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Good day Auric,

this will be little bit complicated. Runkeeper do now allow to upload GPX file directly, but it just receive list of points. And there is no way to define at which point was break.

Anyway as I see in their API here ( ) , there is possibility to request "Automatically detect pause", so this should be partial solution, right?

Question is if this depect pauses really correctly and do not insert some unwated breaks.


Hi Menion,

Thanks for your reply. Since it's just a boolean, I expect them to use the same algorithm as they use in their "manual upload" on the site. Maybe they just throw away all the breaks anyway, then detect the pauses them self. So in my opinion, this might be the full solution!

It's certainly something worth trying. You might want to include it as an option in the export screen: "Automatically detect pause".

Thanks in advance!

(and thanks for the wonderful app)


Hard to say if they ignore "breaks" that are in GPX file and do their own, but it's possible.

Anyway checkbox added, so it looks now like this


There is no other (better) solution, so I hope it will work as expected. I did an export of one of my tracks to test it and it seems to work correctly. Breaks are not exactly on places where I tap pause/continue, but it's not a big problem as results is close to what Locus display.


That was quick! :-)

Once you pushed the update, I'll try asap and let you know



Just wanted you to know that it works perfectly. Thank you.


Perfect, thank you for information!

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