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Florian Greinwald shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi, I'm using a Samsung watch active 2. Locusmap is displaying the map and tracks just fine, but I can't zoom due to the round display. As the active watch 2 is a great wearable with features that compete with apple wearables and is sold a lot, I (and all other Watch 2 owners) would appreciate if you could look into that and change the position of the zoom buttons.

Otherwise the Locusmap is a great tool for outdoor-sports !-)

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Is Locusmap (Free and Pro) available on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2?

I only see Samsung Galaxy watch listed in the documentation. No mention of Active or Active 2.


I have the Watch Active 2 and both Free and Pro Locusmap are working fine for me.

I finally figured out how to zoom in de Active 2: the digital lunettes must be activated. By sliding your finger around the outer rim of the touchscreen you can zoom in or out.

With this the Watch Active 2 is the perfect tool even in winter. The smartphone (in my case a CAT S61) can stay well protected in the backpack (safe from theft, cold weather conditions or risk to break), while I can use the watch for navigation -you even get turnpoint-notifications if you made a track before starting your hike.

So @Locus: great work with this app, I only would have liked to get the information about the zoomfunction in the lunettes/rim a bit earlier ;-)

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