Samsung Battery Saving Mode "Medium" Stops Track Recording

Jan Weigand shared this problem 21 months ago

Samsung S8 Android 8.0.0

Battery Saving Mode "Medium" Stops Track Recording

The Last "entry" which is shown briefly (but can't be controlled by toggle by the user) after activating the Medium Settings says "Location in standby: off" -> this stops Locus from getting GPS Data I guess.

So any Battery Saving settings (even if Locus is excluded) won't work in conjunction with Locus Track recording!

Its not a Problem more an inconvenience but should be added to the Help Site:

Feel free to close this Problem when you added the Information to the Help Page.

this might clarify:

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I think this is not a new information, besides, in the manual we recommend to "...switch the saving mode completely", which means all levels of optimization including medium should be put off. Furthermore, there is a more detailed instruction how to set up Samsung devices: