Satellite maps level curves

Diego Andres Alvarez Marin shared this idea 22 months ago


I wonder if it is possible to implement this:

in Locus. That program is GAIA GPS. That would be great!

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Diego Andrés

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basically it's possible to use satellite maps with contour lines but Locus do not offer worldwide satellite map - only for several countries. However there are how to steps (let say for USA):

- display USGS satellite map Map > Online > USGS > Satellite

- download LoMaps map for specific state: Menu > Store > Americas > US > download LoMap you're interestedn in

- the appearance of LoMaps map can be influenced by the themes and it's possible to prepare the theme that display only contour lines. Download attached zip file Unpack it and copy contact on your device into folder: /Locus/mapsVector/_themes

- Open Menu > More > map overlay > enable overlay and as overlay choose offline map > select downloaded LoMaps

- finally change theme for Lomaps to countour theme: how to change theme

The result is shown on attached image.

Thanks, Petr


Thanks Petr, it worked!