Save a name in "Map overlays profiles" for each combination of map and overlay

Mono Ki shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback


If it is possible, it should be nice to have the possibility to give a name and to save

each combination of "an overlay with a current map" in "Map overlays profiles".



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Excellent idea. But would be even more powerful if Overlay Profiles could be quickly swapped - e.g. if they were presented together with maps (ideally as a map subtype - but even as another map would be fine).

Use case for me: i have several maps, and several overlays (strava heatmap, forest fireroads) and i try to find out if there is a way in the forest - so quickly checking all alternatives is crucial - so one click switch of overlay profile would be great.

In Locus3 this would not be feasible - but maybe in Locus4?

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