Saving Munzees for offline usage

Paul Savage shared this idea 7 years ago
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I just purchased Locus Pro so that I could save Geocaches and Munzees for offline use. Well, I can download the Munzees but they don't stay on the screen when my screen goes to sleep. I have to go find internet again for them to show up again. Can you help please?



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Good day Paul,

current implementation of Munzee require internet connection for a work. Anyway turn off/on of screen should not affect visible munzees. Is Locus running when you turn screen on again or you have to start it manually again?

I can imagine a lot better support for Munzees in Locus anyway as you may see here ( list of topics focused on Munzee ), there is not big interest from Locus Map users.


Hi, I would also appreciate this function. For now, only way to do this is through option share and export visible points on map to *kml file. That's fine, but it won't save description, which includes hint to find it and it's important. So, I would like to know how it is possible to have the description in these point. Thank you in advance.


Good day dom smrc,

it is quite complex task to make this work properly. I've at least changed this "problem" to "idea", so please vote if your are interested in this feature. Munzee is anyway not a main interest of Locus Map application, so as I see on interest in improvements of this service, it is not highly used now.

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