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Saving of tracks

Matej Mayer shared this question 2 years ago

When I record a track, then it is saved automatically and the track is named with date and time, for example 2018-11-28 11:13:06. This name is, however, not very helpful. I then can rename the track by selecting the track, tapping the ^-button and tapping "Edit info" ("Info bearbeiten" in German). This is, however, quite tedious and requires many taps (especially if also a gpx-file should be created).

In previous versions of Locus the "Edit info" sheet popped up after pressing the red "Stop track recording" button and I could select a name for the track before it was saved: This was much more practical and required less taps. Has this been changed in recent versions of Locus (and why)? How can I get back the old behavior?


Matej Mayer

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Hi Matej,

go to your track recording profile settings and turn off "Auto Sichern nach Stop".

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