Screen On/Off control makes my buttons blink

Cegam shared this problem 6 years ago


I just started using screen on/Off control for bicycle route guidance an I'm really enthuastic about it because it will save me battery power. However, I realized that checking "turn on when notified on a track" makes the recent apps and back button on my Galaxy S5 Blink. Is that a normal effect? I don't want to damage my hardware... Thank you!

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Good day Cegam,

you are using official ROM 5.0 for your device? If so, then it is really interesting because I develop Locus also on S5 and no such problem occur. If your keys blink, then it is definitely not fine and should not happen.

This effect happen only before crossing (so usually in time, Locus notify on a cross) or during whole navigation? Also how often, approximately once per second?


with SGS2 android 4.03 i noticed same blinking buttons.

blinking is only while screen is on, my observationis is, that blinking start at each time the guidance line refrech/move.

So blinking frequenz and duration is erratic.

It doesn´t matter map rotate or is set north up

perhaps this discription helps alittle bit


Hello Cegam,

thank you for a very very useful report. For my own surprise, exactly same happen on my device, I just did not noticed :). What you see (blick of hardware buttons) happen everytime, Locus ask system to turn screen on. So it may be useful for debugging :).

Anyway I found a two problems

1) buttons as you reported

2) and also a fact, that this happen too often


1) I found a way to turn screen on and keep buttons untouched, so this is fixed

2) I've also added a small check, so request to turn screen on won't happen more ofter then once perr 5 seconds now.

Thank you and thanks balloni for extra info!


Hi Menion, I am a little embarrassed that you fixed the bug before I was even able to complete description :D However, I am of course happy you solved the problem! When will the fix be released?


And of course: Thank you!


When problem is easily reproduced also on my device, then it is best start to fix it ... and here is was not so hard.

New version .. hmm expect during 14 days. Anyway what happen right now in your version is not a big problem and I think there is no need for some worries ..

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