Screen saver instead of power off

Krzysztof Antoszek shared this idea 18 months ago
Collecting votes

Just like dashboard (and aditional user defined refresh rate), but without the map redrawing on the background layer. Just a BW screen with some basic data. This would be awesome when paired with screen dimming

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Good day Krzysztof,

you may use small secret hack that I hope still works in Locus Map. Just create a dashboard that will cover completely whole screen so no map will be visible. With such dashboard, background map should not be refreshed so you will see just your stats and save battery little bit ( like you may already test with existing sample dashboard called "MyTracks" ).

Other solution is current not planned maybe because more useful method how to save battery is to use Audio coach system > you will hear required values read by TTS engine while screen stays turned off. Thanks for understanding.


I'm sorry but I do not understand because you did not explain why we should not discuss such a feature, you just declined an idea :/

Dashboard is not a solution because of the bug that dashboard covers right button pane, so the only way to hide the dashboard is by back button, and with "fullscreen" on, swiping up/down from back of the screen to bring up the back button can move locus map if not locked.

AudioCoach is also not a solution, as it can be difficult to hear on some locations

What I was proposing was something like the lockscreen on Galaxy S8, which always displays the hour and some notifications. Locus on the other hand could display some simple data like speed, distance, current time, next man maneuver and other stuff like that, just text data (or dashboards)


Good day,

Your idea request new modified dashboard screen just without a map and I wrote you in my answer option how to create it. Dashboard cover all panels, this is correct, but I do not consider it as a bug. Also most of features are related to visible map so I do not understand use case when there will be no map visible and only visible custom fullscreen dashboard + right panel.

Anyway understand. I may keep this idea open for collecting votes, but I really do not expect huge interest. Permanently visible screen with dashboard information will be huge battery consumer, which no serious Locus Map user does not want I hope! And when you will use any method that Locus offer for turn on/off screen, then I see no reason why rather not see map + dashboard over it.

Anyway feel free to vote and we will see.