Screen-lock activated with "always screen on"

stebu shared this question 6 years ago

I have a Samsung Xcover 2 A4.1.2 (which may be the cause of the problem).

I use Locus setting "always screen on" and it works great inside Locus. I can switch off/on the screen simply using the standby hardware button.

But, when I turn off the display and then back on again, the screen lock function of the system is activated. This means that I cannot swipe down the notification bar to see new emails, to change brightness level etc.

Is there any setting in Locus that would disable system`s screen lock? Or is there a setting in Android that could accomplish the same.

I am not using simple swipe activation of the phone, it is too easily activated in my pocket, so I have activated screen unlock with a pattern (maybe a Samsung specific feature)

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Hello Stebu,

in Locus > Menu > Settings > Display is an option "Disable lock screen". Did you tried it, was is helpful? It should be created just for these cases.