Screen on only during navigation messages

stebu shared this idea 8 years ago

I was trying my Garmin Dakota today and it worked well to navigate me along bike routes. It had a feature, which would be advantageous for power hungry Android phones:

The screen is on only when a new navigation point is shown. The rest of the time the screen is off unless manually activated.

It might be simple to integrate this behavior into Locus:

1. Turn on the screen, when a navigation voice command is given

2. Turn off the screen after a user defined (?, about 20..30 sec seems fine)

3. Enable this with a setting

If this is already possible, I would like to know HOW.

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This feature is now already possible.

To enable it, open Menu > Settings > Display > Control on/off screen. In bottom part is possibility to define in which cases, screen should be turned on and also at bottom, after how long /of inactivity) it may be turned off.



I know the topic is old, but my question is relevent (I think so):

This is what I would like to achieve but failed with different settings (all points required):

* Signals (beeps) when off track

* No voice commands

* Screen turning on when normally a command is played

Currently, screen is turning on when command is being heard. When I set volume to 0, then I don't hear beeps.

Is there any solution to my need?

Is it possible to have something like "silent TTS"?

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See attachment.

Unzip and find 3 files !

By file explorer put these 3 files into Locus > data > nav_audio

At navigation select Voice Mute.



Thank you @0709

It works like I wanted to