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Scrolling of long names for tracks doesn't work

Serg Ne shared this problem 5 years ago

Scrolling of long names for tracks doesn't work on both tracks list and track details screen - just static label with "..." at the end is displayed.

Locus Map Pro 3.32, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1.

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the same problem, I noticed in early May (I did not have time to create a ticket, thanks to Serg Ne)


Hello guys,

in detail of track, title in system component "Toolbar", which is a little harder to solve. Anyway in list of points/tracks, I did probably most simple "fix" ... I've enabled possible two lines titles for names like on my screenshot below. Hope this will help.


Detail screen for points/tracks is planned to change, so I'll keep this condition in mind during creating design.

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