Search in tracks option to limit scope of search by distance or screen

Igor Martić shared this idea 4 years ago
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currently when searching in tracks(all folders, around screen center), all my tracks, both visible and hidden get returned.

It would be useful to limit this scope to some distance (10/20/30km) from screen center, or limited by screen, what is currently visible.

This would be usable when merging tracks and segments into routes, and tracks are in different folders.

Now if I want to merge tracks and create route, my tracks need to be in same folder, named in some sense so that i can find them and order them accordingly.

With this option i would position cursor on map so that all tracks are visible on screen, searched in tracks and get returned only ones I am currently seeing.

Hope it makes sense and it could be useful to more people.

Thanks for considering this idea.

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edit: also of course select / hide / show and merge options would then be needed in "search in tracks" screen.


I was about to create the same request. So, I voted this one instead.

Search in all tracks is wonderful, but when it comes to shows on map, if lots of tracks need to be selected manually to be shown on map, it becomes a nightmare.

Either limit the scope of search to a specified radius, or, add option like " show (eye one) all in specified radius"


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