Support for wikimapia search / object layer

Vitalii Kaptcanov shared this idea 9 years ago
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There is a great site Is it possible to add places search using it?

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Hello Vitalii,

after some searching, I found that Wikimapia has public API freely available for non-commercial products. More info is here


1. Locus is anyway commercial product even it has Free version

2. you have here still only one vote

3. this should be really really nice any simple add-on for Locus that should work very nicely with Locus and this site. So I hope someone who wants to train some basics with Android, will take care of this ;)

I`m leaving this topic open. Simply it`s not possible to add this into Locus itself, but it`s probably possible to create public add-on by any 3rd party developer

So others - vote if you`re interested. Maybe someone skilled find this topic ;)




As Menion said - they plan to add wikimapia map and overlay in next version. Does anybody want to write a nice addon for wikimapia SEARCH?

It would be nice with overlay implemented!

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