Select track (and inverse colorization) with no popup

Tapio shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi Menion and Team,

with many tracks loaded for comparison it is useful to select specific tracks in order to distinguish them from other tracks. Because Locus inverses the color of the selected track, which is useful.

But there's the popup which I do not want to see at times. Tapping somewhere else removes the popup, but also deselects the track, so inverse coloring is gone.

Idea a): first tap on track only selects track, second brings up popup, if configured

b) behaviour as now, but on tapping somewhere else at first popup disappears, on next tap track gets deselected.

b) would be much better I guess.

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I would have another idea. Create an extra folder to compare tracks. In this folder you can then set the following: Each track gets a different line of style (color).

Now I only have to copy the tracks to this folder for comparison.

There is no such setting yet!

Another helpful setting for folders: Line style is retained during import (or move, copy).


I have once asked for an additional "random color" option, also for comparing of tracks. Because tracks can overlap, Locus should display the last selected track on top of others, i. e. make it the last one being drawn.


Idea popup, yes. Inverse colorization, no. Here I find the idea of freischneider better.

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