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Andrea shared this idea 3 years ago

I made a dashboard to show altitude graph of track over map.

However it seems that charts only show data for 1) Recording track 2) navigation route.

No way to show data about the currently selected track (if you are not recording or navigating, only reviewing at home). Would it be possible to implement that in some way?

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Good day Andrea,

"dashboard" is made to display statistics of currently running activity. So current GPS values, track recording statistics and navigation data are nice examples of "active processes". To check statistics of single selected track serve big screen with track details. Simple tap on track on the map and from tools menu choose "Show on chart".

Why these steps are not good enough for your use case?


Good day Menion.

First of all let me say that locus for me is the best GPS application I ever tested for outdoor activity!

I sponsor it with friends and in a mountaneering association where I belong, the reason being simply that I like it. All ideas are only suggestions to make it even better, at least from my standpoint and use. I know the use you propose, I have always analized tracks from statistics and show on chart. I hoped my request could be an easy change, pderhaps only changing the name of a variable field in a xml file defining the graph for dashboard. If this is not the case, I drop the request


Hello Andrea,

thanks for you support, nice to read it!

What you want here is a lot more complicated than in looks. Anyway, I personally see a big problem in the current system: tap on track and display its details takes usually quite a few seconds. Display of main track screen is just slow and even then, you have to swipe to the side to display the chart. I already have in head improvement and I really believe that during this year I'll find a time and implement it.

So, improving dashboards system to support also selected track = no, sorry. But, improvements in work with selected tracks statistics and quicker access to chart = definitely. It's in my head, it's planned. Stay tuned and thanks for understanding ;).



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