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Selecting theme - vector maps

Martijn Tholen shared this question 10 years ago

When in map selection, once a personal vector map is selected (from SD-card for example) one could select a theme for the current map, however, only one of the maps is selected by default. This is not necessarily the 'current' map.

Subsequently, once a theme is selected the application treats the 'default selected map' as its new 'selection' and will ask if you want to centre on the map location.

Yet the only action should be to change the theme of the currently selected vector map...:-)

Other than that fantastic piece of kit !

Martijn Tholen, WA, Australia

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Hello Martijn,

if I understand correctly, problem is that you cannot select vector map theme, because you

  1. have to select it in current map, or
  2. select it in different map, but locus then activates this map


Oki, for this already exists solution

  1. You may change vector maps theme also in menu > settings > Maps - advanced > Themes
  2. Or better, you may use "Quick switch" to change themes in really quick way. More here Btw. "Quick switch" may be added to right panel, then it's even faster

Hope this helps you. Feel free to ask if there will be any problem.


GD Menion,

Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

The 'problem' is not as much that I would not be able to switch themes, but rather that once a map is selected ([Maps]|[Vector]|[Select map] -> Screen re-centres on map) if I then, in same location ([Maps]|[Vector]) select a different theme there is one maps selected as default, which leads to the following sequence:

1. Navigate to [Maps][Vector], select map

1. my prefered map is loaded, in the current theme

2. to change the theme, I navigate again to [Maps][Vector]

3. upon changing theme, the 'default map' is loaded with the new theme.

4. I'd have to navigate again to [Maps][Vector] to re-select my preferred map but now displayed in the preferred theme.

The 'problem' lies in the fact that in the [Maps][Vector] selection, upon selecting a theme the default map is selected and the application returns to the main screen.

(i.e. this does not allow a combination of preferred map & preferred theme selection)

The same occurs the other way around, when selecting a map, the application returns to the main screen on the current theme. In this sequence it is also not possible to select map & theme according to preference.

For example:

For normal use I use normal (online) map with normal theme. If I want to go offroad, I have maps that have contourlines. So if I go 4x4 into nowhere I select a local vector map (no cellphone coverage), with a theme that emphasizes small tracks, contourlines etc. etc. yet to do so, I would have to select the theme first (or the map) and return to same screen to select the map (or the theme, depnding on which one of the two I had selected in the first step)

It's not really big issue, but would be 'neater' if solved...



Ah so you want to select map + theme at once. Then I suggest long-click on a map you want to select. This should help.


Cheers !

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