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popescu shared this idea 10 years ago
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I'd love to have a browser extention that would allow me to send a geocache to Locus by one click of a button. I'm browsing a geocache listing, I click the button and Locus automatically imports the cache (and asks which folder to import it to). I do realise that this would require a lot of work on some kind of sync service. It's just an idea :)

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If you browse on PC-Groundspeak map you can download the .gpx of the caches you want and store it e.g. in dropbox/Geocache and if you use also dropsync on your android device you can automatic sync this folder with e.g. Locus/import. So you are able to import this caches (also multiselect) direct to locus.

But do you know GL4L "live map" ?

this is my favorite addon !


Yep, I couldn't do without G4L, but didn't know about dropsync. I suspected there might be a way to do this because I know about the gpx files download, but I didn't know how. Thanks a lot; it looks promising!


okay, first problem with this solution: Which Locus folder should I

choose to be synced? The Locus/import doesn't exist, so I created it.

The GPX file was there but when Locus started it ditn't show the import

screen. Same result with copying the GPX files to Locus/data/import.


OK it is not 100% automatic, click

Data/3-dot button/Import/3-dot button/multiselect/confirm/yes/select folder/import

see screencast

[URL=]View My Video[/URL]

and i noticed that a direct import from dropbox is also possible ;-))

so we don´t need dropsync at that moment.


Oh, what a pitty. I know about the import from dropbox as well. The problem is that the point of this idea was to make the whole thing automatic, just one click on my computer and have the cache in Locus. But thanks for the ideas and your effort with screencast! Shame it's not working the way it should.

I see you asked for basically the same thing as well.

Menion, it's not "dead"! :)


No problem, idea will be better, so others may vote ;)

Anyway I'm

really not skilled with GreaseMonkey scripting and javascript, that is

required for this task. Also I believe, that's not important to improve

something in Locus. So if anyone is little bit skilled, or enough inspired by send2CGeo script, he should create it ;)


Hi popescu,

another posibility if you are a PM

while you are browsing, "bockmark" the interesting caches.

After that you are able to create a PQ of this bockmarked-caches and import them to locus.

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