sendPackSilent() question

Bill Johns shared this problem 7 years ago

Hi again Menion,

I'm using the sendPackSilent() function to send a

broadcast intent to Locus however I am having a trouble deciphering

your comments on the "centerOnData" variable. Could you please explain

your comments about callImport?

I would like the map to center on the new point however setting it to "true" does not seem to work.


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Ah I've improved it a little bit

* @param centerOnData allows to center on send data. This parameter is ignored

* if <code>callImport</code> is set to <code>true</code>. Suggested is value

* <code>false</code> because unexpected centering breaks usability.

Anyway what you want should work, but not work. Seems that no-one wanted centering on broadcasted data (silent), because I found an issue in Locus.

So unfortunately you have to wait on next Locus version (or testing version) to make it work.

Sorry for a troubles and thanks for question that leads to problem.

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