Separate each waypoint folder to own DB

Wolfgang shared this question 12 months ago


regarding the upcoming new locus (v4) version I have a question / improvement:

Currently there exists just one database for locus which contains all folders and waypoints. Are there any plans to separate this into one database for each folder?

Why am I asking? I mentioned that a lot of people are having big folder structures. I often heard that this is a great feature of locus to handle all this waypoints and that's my meaning too. I could imagine that the handling of these big folders is much quicker when they are separated.

E.g. when I travel I have big folders of several thousand waypoints of each holiday station. Sometimes there are more then 10k or 20k waypoints in one folder. I only make these visible in which region I currently am. I think it's quicker to bypass a full db while building the map on startup instead of just bypassing a virtual folder. And not only regarding the map also other database operations like filtering, backup, ... and so on.

What do you think?

Thanks Wolfgang

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Good day Wolfgang,

thanks for this interesting idea.

Unfortunately, nothing like this is planned. Separating the content into more database file brings the need for huge changes in the app system and, for now, unknown exact benefit. Speed of databases is going slowly down with increased content, agree, but this affects only loading times, not direct work with points on the map. Also, there will definitely be some space to improve work with a current existing database instead of this heavy solution, in case of need.

Also, if you have folders with 10k points and more, you belong to a tiny group of users with such huge datasets.

Thanks for understanding.