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Serious track recording error!

ColdAutumn shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

Hi Menion and everyone friends,

Here I will report a big bug for track record.

When record track by Locus, similar errors occur many times.



Now I have export a track to you!

Many thanks.


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Good day cnchip,

quite interesting issue.

Not sure how may I help here. Is this happen every time you record a track? Is what I see directly recorded track or you did some "edits" after record? Key for fixing of any issue is "repeated simulation". Is it possible here?


interesting and quite interesting ? aha ..:)

Sorry, because recently more busy, so I forgot to come here, very sorry!

Reply your question:

Is this happen every time you record a track?

No, not every time, sometimes it is!

I carefully observed, as if the problem occurred when my cell phone seems to react very slowly!

Of courese, this may be my own problem, but it seems that there should not be such a mistake!

Is what I see directly recorded track or you did some "edits" after record?

I did not do any editing, direct export, but I could have deleted some of the tracks. sorry,

Is it possible here?

Of course, I will try my best to help you test this problem.

Locus version: 3.23.1

Many thanks.


This problem for some time, not just this version, include some old version. Sorry, I forgot them.

my android is 4.1.2,,,sorry, so old. :)

my mobile is samsung SC-03E,,so old :) But I still like it very much. :)

Note: My track points are not severely offset, just the order wrong!



no need to sorry.

Samsung S3 is still fine device and there should be no need to change it. Btw. I still use Locus on SGS 2! ( with Cyanogen Mode ).

Anyway yes, problem may be connected to slowdown you experience. Cannot simply say how to solve it and how to find out who is guilty here. Maybe Locus, maybe some your other app. Maybe some "CPU monitor" from Google Play should help here? Maybe trying to use raster maps instead of vector, limit number of items/caches on the maps, etc?

In worst case, I may create for you special version that will print out into log file some information about received data and also information from where these weird locations comes. Let me know, thank you and sorry for a complications!


Hi Menion,

Today I have a new found. And may really be related to what you said to receive the data!

And most importantly, you may be able to reproduce the problem.

But you need install a app of China. Perhaps this fault is related to it?!

I can not know, but I believe you can analyze it further!

Of course, this problem is not important for me, I know this is a very complicated problem, and now it seems that only I have this problem.

So, you do not need to solve it immediately, but I believe you will be interested! :)

First, show the magic for you:


If you want reproduce it:

1, Install the App

Direct download it:

Or review it:

2, Search the magic track then export it.

Chinese character for you : 纽约至上海


3, Import the track to Locus.


Ok, can you see this now?

Strangely, only after the export on the phone has this problem, no problem through the browser download!

This is why to say that if you want to reproduce this phenomenon you need to install this app.

The track's URL is:


Download web page is:

But you may need to register.

Of course, I will send the track to you by forum.

Thank you very much for the development of such an outstanding app!



Sorry, I can not send file to you by forum. Looks like does not support.

If you need it, I can send mail to you.

Because if I direct upload the track...may not be a proper act!




thanks for a precise bug report. Because you invested so much time into this, I had to check it more precisely.

App installed, GPX found and downloaded. Anyway GPX file itself has these problems. I've attached it here so you may check it. Look on coordinates of points, mainly for example line 222 and so on.

I've rather checked it also in one desktop application and exactly same result as in Locus Map. So sorry, problem is not on Locus Map side.



I seem to have forgotten to say thank you to you.

Your this software is really excellent. Many thanks!


Ok, you are welcome.


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