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Charles shared this question 4 years ago


Recently, I developed an application for offline field work. Basically, it takes the position from the GPS and the user fill a form. When taking a position, my app create a gpx file in Locus\mapitems directory on the SD Card, so the user is able to see all the points in Locus Free without need for import.

Before Kitkat, it was working nice, but Kitkat restricted writing on sd card.

Is it possible to set an other directory instead of Locus\mapitems ? If I was able to set MyApp\mapitems instead, I could solve my problem. No matter if it is read only for Locus.

Is there an other way ?



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Good day Charles,

I'm not sure if I get the point.

Locus use directory Locus/mapItems for storing quickly accessible map items. Anyway whole Locus directory has to be writable. This app otherwise cannot work.

So even if Android 4.4 do not allow to write on card (what a stupid improvement), Locus has to be placed on a place where is possible for a write. So it should work fine for you also.