Setting -> Map Advanced -> Set Resolution - Request Please increase current max. limit from 4 to 8

Vishvesh Deshpande shared this idea 3 years ago

Request: Setting --> Map Advanced --> Set Resolution - Will it possible to increase current max. limit from 4 to 8.

Problem: With new mobiles with high resolution (like Note 4 - 1440 x 2560 pixels) the offline map getting displayed is very small.

I increase the resolution using "Set Resolution"option up to 4 (max. limit) but even still it is difficult to see the map very clearly.

Workaround: In this case I need to use the "Lock the zoom" button and then increase resolution to enlarge the map. Moreover this activity need to repeat after every change in map zoom level. Because after change in zoom the map again come to its original "Set resolution" setting (in this case 4)

Solution: Will it possible to please add resolution further at least up to 8 so I can see the map very easily (especially outdoor in travel) and it will not required to press "lock the zoom" button for each next zoom level and again unlock it for next zoom.

Locus Pro is really very good software and this increase in "Set Resolution" limit form 4 to 8 will make it more useful for newly arriving high resolution Phones.

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Good day Vishvesh,

to be true, I'm not a big fan of incresing of this limit for scaling. Even with 4x scale, map is so blurred.

Anyway I was planning to improve this settings little bit to make it more clear and user friendly so together with this I've just improved this parameter to up to 800% scale.

Task completed.


Many Many Thank you Menion. This will really help to see the map easily especially on high resolution phones.

Best Regards,