Setting for location of cached tiles

gra shared this idea 8 years ago

Some apps use directly the osmdroid directory for caching OSM tiles. That`s pretty nice since it doesn`t duplicate the tiles downloaded with osmtracker or others. Some other apps let the user configure the location, which is even nicer.

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By the way I wonder if Locus stores tiles in anything else than a sqlite db.



why should Locus use some osmdroid directory? I don`t know if this app use same format for caching but I`m sure it don`t. And no, Locus store cached tiles only in Locus/mapsOnline directory in SQLIte format


Thanks for the quick answer.

OK, I thought those two apps where quite official and related with

Anyway I find the idea being a nice one: share tiles among apps (as you suggest sharing offline maps between people to avoid map servers overload).

This app:

doesn`t use /sdcard/osmdroid/tiles/Mapnik by default but allows us to configure the path, read cached tiles and write new ones.

So you confirm there is no hope to see Locus able to cache tiles in .png instead of in SQLite db?


Understand ...

I`m not saying there is no hope, there is always some hope :) but every bigger change in Locus needs really big support here on GetSatisfaction, so if you think this will be useful and interesting for a lot of people, you may create idea like "Cache online maps as .png tiles in configured location" or something like this.

But from my point of view, because there is no standard for this, I don`t think it`s very usable. Also because I prefer one universal application then few that share data. If you miss some support for OSM mapping, I suggest to vote on some already existing ideas here that should be useful and can replace some other osm mapper applications on market


I`ll try with your suggestion:Cache online maps as .png tiles in configured location.

Great idea and title. This is the new post:

To answer your post:

I won`t vote for any other item because it`s the only thing I miss: reuse my .png tiles.

FYI, there is no standard for location, but OSM tiles are arranged as:

And if you want your app to be the universal app, then you have to make it configurable!

Thanks again.