Several crashes during navigation mode

mambofive shared this problem 6 years ago

On a longer car trip, using Locus as navigation device, I had several crashes of Locus.

Since I'm using Locus in the same way without problems for several years now, this might be related to one of the latest Locus updates...


* Nexus 5 (Android 5.1.1, build LMY48I)

* Locus 3.11.3

* Vector Maps, map rotation, shifted map center, autozoom

I didn't find any logs, but I should be able to reproduce the crash - so just tell me if I can help by creating logs etc.

I'm not an Android expert, but as also the Android Launcher restarted, this might be a memory issue (memory leak in Locus?).

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Good day mambofive,

this is so general report, that I have no idea how may I help here, sorry. Only forward you to probably well know description "what to do when Locus crash":

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