Shape Point transfer by gpx

0709 shared this idea 12 months ago

EXPORT and IMPORT of Shape Points exclusively to be used in the Locus (re)PLANNER(all) !

Locus route priority (auto)recalculate method generally works more performant now. So the steering (PLANNER) Shape Points are more important than ever before.

Large(r) screen (trim)design by Tablet<>Pc<>Phone, easy exchange by intermediate gpx file (dropbox) do not support Shape Point transfers.

In attached rte_navrtept gpx file find <type>Shape at rtept 40.

Import gpx into Locus. No need to select merge points with track ! * Free selection !

According to the direct route rules by Beta Locus actually promotes this into Via Point.

To do: Locus detects by <type>Shape this to be a Shape Point.

IMPORT adaption is probably relatively simple, but Locus should also EXPORT into rte format.

* Free ! Attached in gpx is also one simple non directional (isolated) wpt/poi point. Simple wpt's (poi's) do not serve any route directional navigation activity

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Good day Willy,

why you consider as important to transfer also shaping points over GPX? Because once route is saved in route planner, shaping point no longer exists and have absolutely no effect on navigation system!

The second point is that some kind of "web planner" is more and more in our internal discussions and we probably start work on this in next months, so the process of plan & transfer of routes between web & devices should be really simplified. At least I believe it will be :).



True, has no effect in navigation system itself.

But design and plan at larger tablet screen > transfer by gpx > later (if necessary) continue (fine tune) at phone (mobile). Or by gpx simply connect both (many) Locus databases.

Same issue excist with B-router gpx output. a chatty (= no dictate) comment now.

Absolutely a very nice and fantastic BRouter web application, but not designed to transfer and keep the original Shape points after import into Locus map.

By the way. About web applications.

I know, commenting other developper development. However @ Arndt = positive (improve) comment !

For new users it is not obvious that for a succefull gpx navigation transfer you need to edit select/upload into the Brouter web settings (Locus = 2). Brrr...a nerdy method ? No ?

A discouraging first bad experience sometimes I think.

Could be more simple (and the only one standard) by the direct rte system. Always transfer routes (rte) inclusive the nav and shape and or even add simple TTS "silent" Via Points. (<type>Via)

Later when more experienced user add customised TTS announced Via Points by name, comment, sym. Yes, agree, for (gps) nerds only ;-)


Good day Willy,

as I think, putting whole "Route planner" configuration into GPX is doable, but it really really edges of functionality > that should really be covered by some kind of web planner. With a usable web planner, also Arndt's Brouter web planner should not be needed.

Thanks for understanding.


Future (Locus) webplanner ? Any other candidate ?

Info rte_navrtept export >

Okido. = Idea closed ;-)