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Shaping points by Locus_GH planner are announced at navigation.

0709 shared this problem 6 years ago

Close Planner, shaping point job finished , should not inject commands into a finalised route.

- Shaping point by Locus_Brouter planner at navigation has no function so is not announced. (OK)

- Shaping point by Locus_GraphHopper planner at navigation are announced by nav_order " straight". (NOK).

More info see attachment. The shaping point was misaligned for a best demo compare.

Info: The resulting track by GH generation is without 'kinks" by GH's "snap to street" action. Compare with the BR result.

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Hi Willy,

I simulated the problem - shaping points with GraphHopper generate navigation commands. We'll have a look at it.


Thanks Willy,

issue should be fixed now. I've also temporary disabled small hack I made in BRouter router (to fix some previous not working segment-merging). So check also "snap to road" by BRouter in next version, thanks!




GraphHopper issue: No change..not solved ?

Brouter: "Snap to street" OK.

Q1: In the planner !

- From a "snap to street" traject towards a manual drawn traject (off street) a connection line is shown.

- From manual traject towards next "snap to street" traject there is surprisingly a (small) 'gap' in the design path line. (No problem but good to know)

After save result : Resulting track is complete and correct : no gap. Reopen in the planner: no gap. Navigate corrrect.

Q2: In the planner !

- How to add a Nav point in the manual drawn section precise on top of a (cornering) shaping point ?

- In previous versions: After save track result by the track editor function : "convert to navigation point".

(Function not offered in new actual track editor)


Good morning Willy,

sorry for a late response. I was almost sure that issue is fixed, that I've forget to answer. And you are right, it still don't work as expected. So next version ;)

Q1: small gap. Well if it is not there after save, all is good :).

Q2: tap on saved track > route planner and here add your navpoints > save


Q2. By Routeplanner ? Pfff... I can't . You can ?

Not possible to convert a "cornering" (off street) shape nor viapoint into a navpoint.

Before was a simple fast easy operation by the previous track editor versions.

Can' t sent (to test) example as Locus does not support full functional routeplanner file exchanges inclusive the shaping points.

A single (unsupported) off street shaping point example by the gpx element <type>Shape</type>

<wpt lat="51.053606" lon="4.002678">





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