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Sharing point vs track.

I have often used the nice option to open a point or a track in Google Earth. For different reason I like to use Earth to explore a place or a route - either on land or at sea.

Doing so with a track is still supereasy and quick - just click on the symbol "share" and after that "Earth". Nice and very handy.

But... not so with points.

The quick option is gone . First: share - share (again) - Other map apps - then chose "Earth". Mostly when I try - nothing happens when "Earth" has started up. It says something like "Earth can't find this place" or "can't transmit the location" or similar, but in my own language, Swedish.

If I do the long way around and save the point it as a "KML" file (KMZ) - I can open the place in Earth from my fileexplorer.

Is there any solution?

If so I would like it very much as "the old fashion way" :-)

Thank's anyway for this extraordinary good and useful mapapp

Best from Göran in Sweden

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Good day dear Göran,

I believe that current solution is event better then before ;).

Simple open point and at bottom is "navigation" button. Here you should see "Google Earth" directly without previous "Share" mess. We decided that almost all apps that may be "called" from Locus Map are navigation apps, so they were all moved under "Navigation" menu.

Hope this will work fine for You.

Have a nice evening.


Hi Menion

Thanks for quick answer.

Yes I can agree with You

All best for You and Your team

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