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Share position with external app

Ingo Rau shared this question 6 years ago

Is it possible to share the current position (GPS and/or map center) directly with an external app?

I know I can add external apps into the Functions Panel, but that only starts the app. If i want to share a position, I always Long-tap > Details > Share > Other map apps > Choose app, which is a lot of taps. I think I read about an easier way, but can't seem to find it.

If not, this should be made into an Idea.

Use Case:

I keep all my POIs in Locus, but for Car Navigation I use Sygic (Locus doesn't have a lane assistant etc.), which is terrible with favorites and finding anything manually in the map. So I select my destination in Locus and then want to start Sygic with that position - after which I only have to do another click in Sygic. But the steps in Locus are annoying, even more so when the phone is already in the car holder.

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it's 3 taps in case of current position (or cursor position), provided you have "Share" button in your function panel:

- tap Share

- select Other map apps

- select Sygic

It's 3-4 taps in case of a POI on map:

- tap POI

- tap label (this step can be omitted if you set point detail screen as default after tapping a POI)

- tap navigation button on the detail screen bottom bar

- tap Sygic


Thx, I overlooked the share for the function panel and didn't try the navigation button. That definitely makes it easier.

But then I'll open a new idea to have "Share position with specific external app" for the function panel.

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