Share waypoints via email (whatsapp, etc) with images as attachments.

Tigus shared this idea 10 years ago
Gathering feedback

Hello, it seems good that when you share a waypoint by mail (whatsapp, etc), not only the position (coordinates) is shared, but also have the ability to add the attachments own of the waypoint (images for example).


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And I would like to see Addressinformation in the shared data.


Whatsapp ok - but what's "etc"?

We should be a little more precise for this task

because there are much more social media apps...

What apps should (or can be) supported?

Only for Whatsapp? hmm

Send coords and then - send picture. done.

For this one app, I don't need a special function inside "Share & Export".

That's an easy task for me.

How often do you send a attachment from the trip?

Anyway i just vote for this Idea..

and address information? sounds different.

what address - on mtb trail :o)


Hello, is whatsapp for instance.

I believe that sharing a waypoint is like when you select "share" a photo, in which case the list of android applications that are able to send a picture (or so I gather). So I think that sharing a waypoint should be similar and these applications can send attachments and some extra text.

For example, if we share a waypoint by email, you could send in the body of the email the name, description, coordinates, a url for placement in google maps, address (Druki idea) and as an attachment, the attachment own waypoint.



I would share POIs with Textinfo (Google Maps Link or geohash) with aditional information (address, altitude, description, ...) via email, facebook, Telegram and sms. Aditional informations are for receiving people with or without Locus or even without smartphone (sms).


Hmm quite simple way how to share whole point with all it's data is over

Screen with point details > Export > KML and enable "KMZ" and "Share exported data".

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