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Sharing a geocache with whatsapp not possible

Mr. mb shared this problem 7 years ago

Hi there!

I have installed the latest update and have a problem now. I want to share a geocache with whatsapp, but this is not possible anymore. I can share it by using facebook, what3words,, etc. but not with whatsapp.

My phone is a Samsung S5 Neo, Android 6.01

Maybe you can help me solving this problem.

Best wishes from Germany,


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Good day Martin,

I never used whatsapp so I do know what to expect. Anyway if you in latest Locus Map version share point as "Text message", what is wrong with it? May you please describe this problem to me in detail? Thank you


Thank you for your answer. The problem is:

I select a geocache and see the geocache details. I want to share the URL of this geocache to a friend. In previous versions of Locus Map I selected "Teilen" (german version), then I selected the part "" where you see the URL, for example . I select "Teilen" again and now I get the chance to select the way I want to share this URL. For example via email, Hangouts, Bluetooth or: Whatsapp.

In the new version of Locus Map I can select "Teilen" as well and I can select "" too. After selecting "" I only have the choice between "Cache zu Locus importieren" or "Internet". There is no way to choose email, Hangouts or Whatsapp like in older versions of Locus Map.

Thank you


Good morning Martin,

thank you for a precise description. I think I know where this change/problem comes. Consider issue as fixed, it should work as expected in next Locus Map version.


Good morning and a Happy New Year!

You are doing a great job, thank you very much!

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