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joeloc shared this idea 6 years ago
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There are dozens of usefule gps trip & tour portals (gpsies, wikiloc, and plenty more). Some "work best" in one country while others are used in other countries. It would be great if Locus could "interface" their web sites by offering them in the sharing menu via customzied URLs:

I would configure something like

name: wikiloc


Locus could then offer "wikiloc" as sharing option for the current screen position and I could with a single finger tap find out what routes are available.

Of course Locus needs to offer multiple options here.

For a start, how about config file entries instead of a complexish settings GUI, at least until we figured out what makes sense and if this feature is actually usable:

urlshare1-name, urlshare1-url,

urlshare2-name, urlshare2-url,

urlshare3-name, urlshare3-url,


Obviously, Locus must ship with reasonable defaults for the most well known trip portals. I am sure, people will find other uses for other websites as well. DOesnt necessarily have to be trip portals. Only important thing is that the URL is completely customizable.

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To make this work, Locus needs to support a variable language (like %LAT, %LON for map center, %ZOOM for a gmap approximation of the zoom level, %LATLT, %LONLT for left/top lat/lon, etcpp), so we can be compatible with any web site format out there. This system could not only be used for trip portals, but also to directly jump to online map services that arent legally available as Locus maps (like the french IGN portals, kompass online viewer, godknowswhat).

We could start collecting URLs here.


Isn`t this topic a concrete technical proposal for this idea:


More or less... not limited to gpsies of course. You could do all sorts of cool things. Do mailto: urls work on android for example? Locus could then send a "mummy i am here dont worry" email with an embedded link to google maps with a single tap :)


for this, currently you need little bit more then 1 tap in locus:


share mapcenter


google maps (url)


your emailclient

type email address

type message


but how often you need this?


How often? I research 2-3 track portals at least 2-3 times a day... for 100 days in a row... every day. Do the math... Locus could make this a lot easier.