Sharing POIs via NFC

Mark Reidel shared this idea 7 years ago
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It would be nice if sharing a POI between two devices was doable using NFC. Simply open a POI, hold devices together, press beam and whoosh. I use Locus in my car for navigation, but my wife uses her phone for all the geocaching-stuff. Would be wonderful if we could simply navigate to the POI by holding the mobile to the tablet, pressing beam and then we go. Same goes for sharing a new geocache between our two devices.

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Nice idea ;)

If I`m in outdoors with poor mobile connection, i use the app "SuperBeam", which transfers files using WiFi Direct.

If there is some better internet connection, i simply push files with "PushBullet":

Both apps are free ;)

However, you need to export POIs or tracks with enabled "share exported data" and then choose the method you want to use.

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