Short + Fast pedestrian navigation modes for Brouter navigation

Libor Poutnik Striz shared this idea 6 years ago
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Could be implemented Short + Fast pedestrian navigation modes for Brouter navigation ?

It would allow to use 2 different Brouter pedestrian ( or foot ) navigation profiles.

I agree Short/Fast attributes are confusing, but Car/bike/pedestrian+ short/fast is the way, how navigation is implemented in OSMAnd + Brouter as well. I suppose the OSMAnd was the first navigation where Brouter navigation interface was implemented, and perhaps Brouter inherited this way from the OSMAnd.

E.g. I am used for OSMAnd /Brouter combo for assigning

Walking or Hiking profiles for Pedestrian( or foot ) Short

Walking-wet or Hiking-wet profiles for Pedestrian( or foot ) Fast

They are my own profiles, not yet part of Brouter standard profiles, only older Hiking-beta is included in Brouter-web profile list.

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Similarly can be used profiles for different difficulty levels for Mountain or Alpine hiking, supposing ideally used with OpenAndromaps Alps-Ost and Elevate map style, well focused on outdoor and mountain paths.

Just for curiosity, I was inspired to create SAC scale aware profiles by a Brouter user, who wanted to plan and navigate save alpine routes for his father walking with a dog, excluding too difficult SAC levels.

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