Shortcut to "simple multi touch" in presets

fefrivold shared this idea 7 years ago
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I like to have the opportunity to rotate the maps, som I have the "simple multi-touch" disabled.

But sometimes it is annoying when the map rotates when I am zooming, and I want to enable the "Simple multi-touch".

Unfortunately I have to go deep into the menu to turn this on and off. My suggestion is to make a shortcut by long pressing the rotate button i the bottom panel. (Similar to "hold map center" on the button next to)

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I refer to my previous proposal, but since last time I have started using presets. Now it's easy to switch between use in nature and browsing the map at home. I therefore extend my proposal so that this single multitap feature can also be stored in presets.


This would be possible if presets were created the way I recommended in my topic "Creating and using presets".

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