Show asterisk for found caches with corrected coordinates

Willi shared this idea 6 years ago
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For unfound geocaches with corrected coordinates Locusmap shows a small red asterisk in the icon on the map. That is really helpful and needful for identifying solved multi oder unkown caches.

I also use to have my found caches in Locusmap. The icons (smiley) is shown on the correct position on the map (corrected coordinates), but even the coordinates are corrected, there is not asterisk. So i am not able to identify if the position is the corrected or if it is the header.

Can you please add the asterisk also to the found caches with the flag "computed" set?

By the way, is it possible the make the astersik a bit larger?

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Very good idea. I support it, for exaxt the same reason you decribed in your post. Right now I never can be sure if the smileys are on their corrected coordinates or on their orignal coordinates, cause I'm not correcting coordinates for each Mysterie cache.

The same should be true for DNF (blue) smiley caches.

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