Show GPS accuracy below 2m more exactly

Matthias Keller shared this idea 3 months ago

LocusMaps shows the GPS accuracy in integer numbers. This is okay for most integrated GPS of mobile phones which will not currently reach an accuracy below 2-3m.

However, when using Locus with an external GPS device and RTK, accuracies well below 1m can be reached easily. However, LocusMaps then always just shows "1m" as accuracy which doesn't give me a lot of information, if I just have a 1m fix or really a 5cm fix.

It would also be nice to know how this value is calculated. Is it a 50%, 90% or 95% probability?

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Hello Matthias,

I've improved displayed value, so in the next version, accuracy below 5 m will have one decimal place, accuracy below 1 m, will have two decimal places.

Accuracy itself is described here:

Thanks, Menion


Thanks a lot!

Very unfortunate that Android chose to use a 68% probability. This just makes the numbers nicer but leaves a completely wrong impression, but that's nothing you can change.. Thanks for adding more decimal places !!