Show heading (in addition to distance) on route legs

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It is often useful to know the distance and heading between two points.

It is also useful to know for each leg of a created route, the heading and the length of the leg, even if I one is not currently on that leg.

Unless I am missing something, when I create a route, the only information that I see is the distance between points.

Once the route is created , it doesn't seem that there is a menu showing the length and heading of a route leg.

Heading information seems to be displayed only when the GPS is on and the guide is on.

If I didn't miss something and these are actual limitations, they could be solved (for example) by:

- when creating the route, displaying, together with the distance, the true heading between points (see screen dump example attached)

- adding in the route info display the list of route legs with their length and heading (see screen dump example attached).

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Good day Alfonico,

your observations are correct and such feature is missing in Locus. Anyway your 1. should be already solved.

In Locus configuration file exists parameters

  1. map_items_selection_line_value_above
  2. map_items_selection_line_value_below

When any of them set to value '2', you'll see also bearing above/below lines during function "Add new route".


Hello and many thanks.

The editing of the configuration file following your instructions gave the desired result.

For the information concerning the legs of the route once saved, another place where the range and bearing between points would be usefull is in the text box that pops up when selecting a point of a displayed route, text box that presently only displays distances to start and end of route.

In addition to these values could be presented range and bearing to the 2 points of the route next to the selected point. Probably too much information on a small screen smartphone , but not on a small tablet or big screen phone.



Already since quite a few days I wanted to suggest an addition of more detailed route infos in Locus (Pro) but didn'd realize it yet. So a lot of thanks, Alfonico, for starting this topic.

Probably it could be realised as a Side Panel as in Track Recording. The active leg of the route could be highlighted. The table should contain for each leg heading, distance, total distance to last way point. ETA of current leg at current speed would be nice and probably ETA for each leg calculated with current speed, too.

Many Greetings


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