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Michele Galimberti shared this idea 3 years ago
Gathering feedback

I think the most important would be:

  • Grading, a bit complicated because of various systems, but normally only one is present [1]
  • Orientation, North, South, etc. [2]
  • Number of routes, difficult as it can come on two different tags [2][3]
  • Climbing style [3]

Ideally in LoPoints climbing sites should be separted from other sports centers, but I don't know how I'd do that without creating another nested level under that category, so it'be hard to do.

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Even if such POI details are not intended to be included in the POI file, IMHO at least _all objects_ with sport=climbing and not only some few climbing sites shall be added to LoMaps POI files. For example, is missing in Locus Map Pro 3.55.1 in LoMaps with date 24.9.2021, while is present (probably, because it was wrongly tagged as despite it's not an enclosed, distinct sport facility but a piece of natural rock accessible for every living being without fee, registration, supervision,...).

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