Show only *** nearest POI from actual/center position offline (LIVE)

Hallgeir Gjesdal shared this idea 8 years ago
Gathering feedback

Im sorry if this feature is already build into this versatile software or if this idea has already been discussed.

Problem is my Geocashing folder now is 5000+ in one folder representing my local county. This put a lot of strain on my Note 3, with 3 Gb ram. Even startup, redrawing vector map, shading etc..

I think it would be useful to only show ..lets say 50 (or distanse).. nearest geocaches...even if I move map to new location. Live updated of course and offline. You guys understand, right?

All the best.. Hallgeir

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This idea seems really useful to me. +1


Found a setting in config-file regarding points simplification... set to zoomlevel 10 by default. Changed to value 13, and now the heavy screen redrawing issue is redused to manageable level.

So, for now, I can still shade my maps, icon-pack with D/T active.. and I doesnt need to split my 5000+ local geocaches in folders...

I would still love to see this idea implemented!


I just wanted to make the same feature request, because I have the same problem.

Just a offline live map to show from a previously defined folder would be more than awesome.

Thanks Wolfgang

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