Showing Map Item (calibrated scanned map) without showing a Base Map

coffeetreat shared this question 19 months ago

Hello everyone!

Can I have Locus Map show only my scanned calibrated image map (calibrated in Locus)? It is now a .kmz Map Item which I can show/hide and change the opacity of, but I cannot use it as a primary/base map - another Base Map has to be chosen and this is always shown. My scanned map covers all I need, so I'm thinking Locus would have to handle less calculations if there were no base map.

Can this be done? Or do I need to do something like:

1) Calibrate the scanned map with external software to one of the supported map formats. I've previously tried mapc2mapc - anything else?

2) Create a superlight one-pixel base map that doesn't really require any processing power (this is just a thought).

I need to be able to see my tracks and points too.

I'm otherwise really impressed with Locus Map Pro - it is a truly impressive piece of software :-D



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Good day coffee,

we are always glad to hear that we have another happy user :).

What you want to achieve is already possible with Locus Map, it is just a little bit hidden. Open "Map manager" and in tab Online maps > top toolbar is option "Blank maps". Here you may choose light or dark colored blank/empty map that may be exactly what you are looking for. These "maps" are really faster and may save CPU when KMZ overlay maps are all you need.

Let me know if this works fine for you.


Wow! That was just the most impressive response time I've ever witnessed on any forum, Menion :-D It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Normally I pride myself in figuring out how to do stuff via forums etc. before having to post myself. I will however forgive myself for not finding this one :-p Obviously a lot of options and configurability will make some options harder to find. But this is still MUCH better than leaving them out in order to make a piece of software that is so simple that no one is in risk of getting confused (which indeed happens sometimes when a previously advanced piece of software gains popularity).

Locus Map ROCKS! Keep up the good work and thanks for your reply!



You are welcome!

Glad it works for You. Appreciate attempt to find it by yourself, but as you wrote ... there is quite a lot of options :).

Anyway if there will be something I may help with, let me know.

have a nice day,