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Side panel not showing

TJ Rac shared this problem 7 years ago

Hello, I have installed Locus Pro on a LG tablet and cannot seem to get the main side panel to be shown.

Have tried checking and un-checking the option

Settings>Map-control&panels>"Open main menu by dragging from left side of screen"

Cannot drag as previouslly posted in another topic and cannot seem to get the panel to permanently display.

Locus Pro ver 3.16.1, 2 : LG G Pad F 8.0

Thanks for any suggested solutions to issue

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Good day,

as I read your post, I'm quite interested in explanation of "cannot seem to get the panel to permanently display". What panel you expect to appear on side?

By this "side panel" is meant main application menu. Exactly same panel as is visible when you tap on most top left "menu" button. This option just allow to open this main application menu by slide from left screen border.

Is this what you expected? And are you really dragging from left edge of device's screen? It may sometimes needs little practice, but as I know, there were never a problem that it do not work at all.


is this a new "bug" in your Locus

or you never have seen this side panel?

swipe from far left (beginning outside your hardware) to right side has no effect?


Hello, For some reason the RIGHT side panel was not being displayed whn copying all data from phone to tablet installation. I removed all of the functions in :

"Settings>Mapcontrol &panels>Set Function Panels".

Reset all the desired functions and now the right panel can be permanently displayed or using the "Open main menu by dragging" optin can now drag he panel into view.

Thanks for rapid replies



Hmm, I'm little bit confused now :). Anyway just for your information, left main menu may be also opened by "Open main menu by dragging FROM LEFT". Right/top toolbar with quick functions may be then show/hide by double tap on map screen. Glad it's working for you now in some way.

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