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joeloc shared this idea 9 years ago
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How about a really SIMPLE buddy tracking feature? Only ONE OPTION allowed:

buddy tracking code: secret6324

i know you can basically do everything neccessarry by configuring live tracking and using network links in locus and setting up something minorly complex on some server. this is really only an option for major supergeeks though.

what if i want my mummy and auntie and uncle to simply always see each other on their phones, without them or me being major supergeeks? locus-headquartes would have to provide a simple server, locus would transmit position and name (phone owner or something), locus would query the server and display every point transmitted with the configured code during the last 24 hours. done.

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Sven wrote:

This could be done easily by Tasker integration.
well, can you explain this "easy" task - please?

thanks a lot.


There's no Tasker integration in Locus until now. Just did post an idea to do so.

Once Tasker can access Locus I'm the first to write such a script and share it, since I need the same and the one Locus App with that functionality doesn't work.

Therefore please vote for Tasker integration in my other Thread.



Just to describe how it would work:

Locus would allow Tasker to update a poi location.

Then the Tasker script would (based on your preferences like moved distance, time or on received request) send the actual location of your buddy to your unit by any means you like (SMS, email or messenger).

Then the Tasker on your device would update the poi of your buddy on your device (and if you wish send your location automatically to him).

Hope this is easy enough to understand.

Tasker has a huge community that is always willing to help and there are hundreds of shared scripts already for similar automation processes.

Here's the link to the Tasker idea I did post:


Fond Locus partially supports Tasker already, have a look into my link.

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