simplify "Function" and "Modify panel"

balloni55 shared this idea 6 years ago

please simpify this panels, apps and addons are displayed 2 or 3 times, e.g. display geocaching tools only under "Geocaching"

Makes it a difference at that moment where i check the app/addon for use in right side panel?



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Hello Balloni,

I understand your idea, but unfortunately I'm unable to do something with it directly.

On your second screenshot

1. part - Geocaching4Locus icon is added manually by You! If you remove it, it will disappear from this list

2. part - default icon added by me directly into Locus

3. part - icon added by Arcao (developer of G4L). It depends only on him if this icon will be in menu or not, it's independent on me.

So, only on second image is icon added by me and if all is set correctly, there should be only one.

It's same with Field notes icons. Fortunately I already spoke with Jarda and icon on second part of first screenshot will be removed. So only I can do now, is to send this topic to Arcao, if he may remove also icon from third part of second image.


Thanks menion for your detailed answer.

ok i have removed GC4L,

now i wait what happens


You're welcome.

Arcao contacted and have possitive response from him. So it's should be improved in both add-ons in their next versions.