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Slight adjustment to "POI Alert" feature

Daniel shared this idea 8 years ago

This isnt really important - just a very slight annoyance and perhaps not worth changing

The "POI alert" system is awesome! but some of my points get spoken "incorrectly"

Eg I like fishing - so I have POI programmed in and named like "9 meter hole" and "Point Lookout"

When locus gets close to a point like this, it speaks out "Point 9 meter hole" (as in 90cm hole) or "Point Point Lookout" which just sounds wrong hahahha

Any chance of just having locus read out the POI name and not saying "point" before the announcement?

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Hi Daniel,

You can use a free personalised edited "en.tts" file. There is an example tts file (to be edited) available in the map: Locus->data->tts. In attachment a compact version tts file "en.tts". It is a zipped file to allow the attachment here in helpdesk. Unzip and move the "en.tts" file into the Locus tts map. Ready.



Thanks heaps for that mate I really appreciate it :)

I might have to have a bit of a play inside some of those files! (after backing up first of course) It looks like you could customise things so locus will even address you by first name!

Stoked thanks again :)


Ah I completely missed that this feature is already thanks to 0709 help, implemented :)! Thanks!

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