Small icon and no Label in POI of img vector map

Jonathan Araujo shared this problem 5 years ago

Hello, I'm using a .img file on Locus and it's working fine. Except that POI icons are very small, even at high zoom levels, and without labels. As I know you're probably using JGarminImgParser, maybe it's just a matter of enabling something in the code, just like the sample example application of them does (see images).

I understand that no much effort is being made to this format and it's not officially supported, but maybe this fix could easily be done bringing a great benefit for those who use it. If possible, please let us know the viability.

The map I use can be downloaded here if necessary: (it's a free map from

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Jonathan,

support for IMG maps in Locus is generally not supported and there are no plans on future improvements. Anyway this one was quite easy, so I've improved sizes of icons a little bit.

Thanks for a report.


Thanks! I appreciate it.

Since I don't have the labels for te POIs, I'm getting a workaround. I export the POIs from my .img file in GPX and then import in Locus.

I found that using the "Sort by distance" and "First X points" filter is very useful, so I don't have to let all the 20000 POIs visible, slowing down Locus. That is, I enable just the points around me at at time.

That is a nice thing about Locus. Since it has many features, one can get a workaround in many situations :-D


...I export the POIs from my .img file in GPX and then import in Locus...

Hello Jonathan, this is a nice idea.

Can you tell me how you do this?

What software do I need?

Thanks very much,

Frank, Germany


Hello Frank

At first I used Mapdekode, but recently I was playing with JGarminImgParser

I was trying to make a simple App in Java with that lib just to export POIs as GPX. I'll check if it's in a useable state so I can upload for you to test.

In case you want to try the Mapdekode method:

  1. Open .img onMapdekode (Download)
  2. Database -> Create db from *.img
  3. Output -> PCX5 Format -> Points from DB
  4. Convert WPT to GPX using Trackmaker (Download)
  5. The PHP script bellow ( tested on Linux and Mac) to rename the POIs using the value comments. This may not be necessary with your maps as are with mine.
  6. ./gpx2gpx.php input.gpx output.gpx




foreach($xml->children() as $child) {

echo $child->getName() . ": " . $child . "\n";

$a = preg_split("/:/", $child->cmt);

$b = preg_split("/;/", $a[2]);


$child->name = $b[0]." ".$child->name;





Thank you very much.

I did not expect such a quick response.

I will check it out in October, when I get a new map.


Sort by distance" and "First X points" filter..

Sorry, but where have you found these filters?

I have found out how to activate my Pois and show them in the map.

Also, how to search for names in my Poi collection.

Thanks again.



Hi Frank,

see here:

looking for 'Multi-point display selector'

and 'sort by'