Smartwatch 2 and S5

Pascal Marion shared this problem 6 years ago

Hello. I have a new smartwatch 2 connect whit my S5 (android 5.0). I using locus pro last version . I start locus on my smartphone and after the add on on the watch. I have always the same problem I have the massage "locus is not running" when I press the icon "start locus" on watch, I see locus restarted on my smartphone but nothing better on the watch. Can you help me. Thanks

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I think that I have found the problem.

On my S5 I have Locus Pro AND Locus free. I have desinstalled Locus Free and now it's work perfectly




I wanted to release a Beta version today and then look on this problem. What you found is really interesting because it should work. Add-on should use active running Locus. Hmm you had both Locus versions 3.11.3 from Google Play?

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