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YoJo S shared this idea 8 years ago
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Is possible (or is it planed) to make possible change displayed values? e.g. If I would prefer to see heartbeat or pedalling frequency more than the distance?

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Good day YoJo,

there are not a big plans around SmartWatch2 device as there is not a big perspective. Anyway I've changed your question to idea, so other people interested in improving of this add-on may vote for it.


I was close to buying a used SW2 (they come at a good price now...) - but then saw this comment, which makes this solution a bit of a show-stopper. I assumed that I could change screen layouts in a similar way as to what is possible in the real software, but this seems not to be the case.

My intention with such a watch + locus on it would have been to replace altimeter and HR-monitor with the SW2, and use it for quick navigation (left - or right? based on the map - not like car navigation) without the need to take out the phone every time. Obviously I was a bit too optimistic about what is possible right now.

So the question is - where is this plugin going (as you state there is no big perspective)? If there is room for a little improvement this feature might be a nice thing to have, and a relatively inexpensive watch to use it with.

Otherwise: where is the smartwatch integration of locus going in general (better perspective? also no big perspective?) Then such a feature would be nice to have too - albeit in a more expensive package (probably). But then which way will it go? Gear? Tizen?


Good day Florian,

add-on for SmartWatch2 watches was created almost 1.5 half year ago and whole this time laid in shelf. I was thinking if I should release an add-on that won't be actively developed (mainly because new version of SmartWatches3 use different, non-compatible, system) or delete it completely. As you see, I choose first option.

So future of this add-on is really not optimistic.

Soon will be anyway published new add-on for new Android Wear devices (most of new watches). It's functionality will be at start same as this add-on SmartWatches2. Developing for these devices seems for me little bit overcomplicated, so I'll wait on some bigger feedback after release. Anyway my humble opinion ... if you wants some watches just because of Locus, do not do it. I really do not plan any powerful add-on for these devices now.


Thanks for the quick response! I am always astonished how quick you are (also with bugfixes...).

Will save me some money for now :), lets see what the future brings. An at least partially customizable interface for some (hmm for me "core-") functionality of locus would for now be the only thing selling me a smartwatch. I do understand not spreading focus too much into different branches which are hard to maintain and little standardized. Better to have a great main app and fewer special addons than a badly maintained app and lots of equally bad addons :).

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