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Some annoying bugs in 2.20.0/1

k@y shared this problem 10 years ago

This weekend i spent a lot of time outdoor with locus and i found some annoying bugs in the new version. Most of them related to the ne "point" page.

#1: till 2.19. from zoom level 12 or 11 to smaller zooms the icons of the points on the map changed to dots, now they changed at zoom level 10. This is not so fine if i have a lot of points on the map. Can you change it back, or make it configurable?

2#: when open a waypoint (part of a geocache e.a.) and pressing the left button (show listing), the map is shown and NOT the listing. So this button has the same function like the "map" button. -> seems to be a bug

3#: when guiding to a waypoint and changing/edit the koordinates of the waypoint, the guiding will be lost

4#: sometimes (hard to repeat) after changing/edit/open of a point/waypoint and go back to the map, the (vector-)map looks like unsharp (zoomed without scalling). after zoon in and out to the same zoom level its fine again, but its annoying.

5#: when changing the koordinates of a point/waypoint the edit window needs some seconds for opening. first only the coordinate format is shown. some seconds later the edit fields.

6#: the scrolling in the listing of a geocache is very choppy until the smal map above is loaded. and the loading takes some seconds!

7#: everything related to opening or editing of points/waypoints is very very slow now! realy its very annoying now!!! please work on it, or bring the "old" point page back.

8#: the images in the "images" tab can not be zoomed smaler, only bigger

9# sometime the red lines (guides) to the waypoints of a geocache are not shown, when the waypoint is ot of the screen (hard to repeat)

10# when pressing "remove temporary elements" during navigation, the navigation will be stopped and closed.

11# when opening a point: first nothing happend and than the screen turns black fo some seconds, better show a indicator (and speed it up ;-)

Sorry for so much points, but i love locus and use it a lot, and so i need a performant tool ;-)

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I also like to make a donation for your work, if you send me your Paypal-ID ;-)


#1 it is configurable in config file (default=10)

#2 i can confirm this behavior

#8 known, see



I have also tested the new Locus version geocaching last weekend and have observed simular problems (see here - in Czech):


nice list k@y. I was working on it today, but list is so looong :)

I'll inform you tomorrow about changes. Just one info for now - there is 0% chance to go back to old dialog. I've improved speed of displaying a new screen little bit compare to 2.20.1 , but I'm worried it can't be better for now ...


I try to test all these things now :-)

#1: looks better now ;-)

2#: fixed!

3#: fixed!

4#: not sure if fixed, because it is hard to repeat... I will test in final version at weekend ;-)

5#: its faster now

6#: the Option to hide the smal map helps to speed this up! Its ok so.

7#: it feels a bit faster, a bit ;-)

8#: not fixed!

9# I dont see this behavior now, but it was hard to repeat. So I will look at this at the weekend.

10# fixed!

11# its a bit faster now, but som indicator will help to see that something happens.

Thanks a lot for your great work!


perfect, thank you for a precise testing!!

issue 8 has separate topic here I currently do not know how to simply solve it, but tomorrow is also a day :)

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